Thursday, February 24, 2005

If you own a pair of EMS boots, they may have special powers.

Forget about the groundhogs. My boots predict the weather, well at least snowfall. Every time I put away my winter boots, a snowstorm arrives in NYC. The weather becomes nice and sunny and I figure, hey, let me put away my snow boots. I stopped putting them away away (in its little boot box home with photo glued to the front.) Yes, I am a sad individual but an organized sad individual. I’ve been leaving them in my coat closet but even in that tight closet it brings about the snow. I’ve noticed though, that if I leave them in the foyer so I can trip on them on a daily basis, the weather gets warmer.

Before you start writing petitions to tell me to leave my snow boots in my entranceway, I have to say this, it ticks me off whenever anything is left by a door. Whether it be a closet door or an entrance door, I hate when bags, coats, shoes or any objects are left to impede the natural space of a door. The slapstick comedy of doors ricocheting back at you is not funny when it actually happens to you. Door knobs have jammed themselves at my ribs and hips. One memorable moment years ago, I recall stars and bluebirds encircled my head.

Once in anger, I slapped my kitchen cabinet pantry door shut. As if the door had feelings and felt rather miffed I was displacing my anger on it, it swung back and slapped me on my forehead. Flap! I remember crying and laughing. I also remember telling myself to never share this with my husband since he’ll tell me I got what I deserved.

So I’m stuck in a dilemma. Do I deal with daily trips, falls and general self-induced klutziness so that winter can finally leave our dear city or do I allow anal retentive pantrygirl to put the boots away and pull out the thermals?

BTW, since I’ve got one working pen left in my office, I have to trudge my way through tonight’s storm to get to Staples. Sure I can use the pink gel pen in my desk I reserve for office cards, but just like college applications (well, at least pre-electronic apps) my signature in pink may not be acceptable at the Dean’s office. But pantrygirl, don’t you guys have supplies? Sure we do. But the supply closet consists of semi used post its, white-outs and mismatched tab files. But pantrygirl, why don’t you get the office manager to order pens for you. I have. Unfortunately, it takes two weeks to get my pen order approved then another week to send the order, process the order and then receive the order. Did I mention the office manager left and a new office manager just started? This adds approximately one week to my wait time. Since my last pen, a uni-ball if anyone is interested, is creeping to the 1/3 line mark, it will not last until St. Patrick’s Day. Pantrygirl, will you get reimbursed? If you mean monetarily, like in some sort of petty cash fund, hells no. I’m not complaining though. Pens are pens. However, I may get all KITH if anyone tries to take Mr. Uni-ball.

Oh, and my whock-a-ta, has subsided but it's now at that crusty dry pink stage. Since it's on my chin, I feel like the whole world is staring at it when they talk to me. I'm not complaining though. Did you hear that oh lord of the Zits. If I have to get one ginormous 3-headed zit every 6 months to make up for the clear skin months, I'll deal. I won't mind being 40 and buying Seabreeze.