Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy New Year! We're all going to die!

What I would do for two midgets to stand on my back. My back is so achy. I came back from a deliriously long meeting, the kind that makes you feel like a full day has passed. Just typing to you I cracked my back.
So I believe I’ve met a Chinese girl that is more un-Chinese than I. I wished her a Happy New Year and she looked at me like I had two heads. I explained it was Chinese New Years to which she replied, “Oh, since I’m never home, I don’t really celebrate it.” “So your mom doesn’t obligate you to return home before the new year?” I inquired. “Nope.” “Whoa.” I was speechless. I wind up running like a nut to pick up oranges and sweets to go to a forced dinner where I sit and blink at my mother. I leave with a bag full of food that I don’t eat but must have in my house before the New Year to only dispose of it as soon as I realize the stench from my fridge is from the chicken with the head and tail still attached. This girl comes in wearing head to toe black and acts like it’s any other day.

BTW, today is a bit awkward for me. I’m a walking contradiction. I’m wearing red, like a good Chinese girl would do. I brought sweets into the office like I’m supposed to yet I’ve got ashes on my head and I’m fasting. I’m supposed to be joyous for the new year but reflective of my mortality. If my mother knew she’d probably go into another sullen stupor.

Talking about awkward moments, I just spent three hours in a roomful of colleagues feeling like Hester Prynne. Usually I have one or two people in the room with the same predicament but today I was not only the youngest member by a landslide but also the only gentile. During the introductions I pictured myself saying, “Hi. My name is pantrygirl and for the purposes of today’s meeting, I represent the gentile youth ministry division of the Dean’s office but heck, you already know that.” I spent the rest of the meeting with my hair looking like Harry Potter's.

It’s always tough to be the youngest looking in a room, especially if you represent a department that has the final say on the project. Talk about internal conflicts. I’ve got the Chinese in me saying respect your elders and the worker me saying this man’s proposal is ridiculous and will never pass legal. My favorite is when they turn to me for my opinion. Holy cow, my elders would never ask my opinion even when it came to my wellbeing. I’m just supposed to respect there decision and realize, elders know best.

My brother asked me to go grocery shopping with him tonight for his cabin getaway with his girlfriend. Of course it has to be Stew Leonard’s. It’s Ash Wednesday. I’m supposed to fast and I’m throwing myself head first into the one supermarket where every turn leads you to another sample table. Oh, and Lrudlrick wants Mrs. Leonard’s meatloaf for dinner. Tonight will be fun. [BTW, since fasting consitutes solid foods, can I drink copious amounts of wine to help sustain myself?]

Holy cow, before I forget, my co-worker just told me that she’s in Opus Dei. I’m not sure how devout she is but aren’t they secretive about this sort of thing? I’m sure the descriptions in DaVinci are exaggerated. [BTW, for everyone out there for the last time, the book is a book of fiction. Fiction! Stop thinking it’s some divine revelation or a blasphemous look into the Catholic religion. It’s a frickin’ novel. Get over it.] I just don’t know enough about them to form an opinion. What I do know makes me believe they are like lobbyists. Enough said.

For those who have been asking me about my thoughts on ‘24', sadly I have to say that I’m behind in my episode viewing. It’s saved and whenever I open the replay menu it stares me in the face like a nagging wife but I just haven’t had a chance to sit and watch. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up. Oh and for you Law and Order fans, Det. Mike Logan is back.