Monday, February 07, 2005

The Great Cookie Crumble of 2004

By now, you've read about the teen girls that were sued by a neighbor for apx $3000. If not, in a nutshell, the girls thought delivering anonymous cookies to neighbors would brighten their day. Unfortunately, one of these neighbors claims she suffered an anxiety attack and sued them for medical costs and cost of new motion sensor lights for her porch.

The latest news is one of parent's placed a restraining order on the husband of the plantiff.

Here are some observations that get my goat:
  • 10:30pm is a bit late for a doorbell dash.

  • 15 years ago! You think cookies left on your doorstep are related to a crime that happened 15 years ago! Were you assaulted with a cookie?

  • The girls were willing to pay your medical bills and wrote you a letter of apology. What did you hope to get out of them from court? The new lighting fixtures?

  • Girls, next time avoid the town loners/crazies/meanies. We know you mean well but let's avoid these situations in the future. In my childhood neighborhood, we knew who the crazies were and steered clear of their houses. We're known to cross the street to avoid walking on their path (unless we were dared of course).

  • Holy crap, when I first heard about this, everyone said you were old. You are not old. You are 49 years old! That is not old in my book. That is not old enough to be allowed the privilege of being crotchety and paranoid.