Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Brain Freeze: Ice Cream or Mathematical Calculations?

For a person that dislikes math, I sure do a lot of computing in my job. I’ve just spent my entire day multi-tasking validation projects and I am in serious need of a brain reboot. Everything is mashed in my head. I can’t grasp a thought without something from another project popping in and disrupting my train of thought. I’ve bounced back and forth between three major projects and I haven’t even touched my ‘maintenance’ projects. I went to the bathroom and as I was washing my face, I couldn’t focus on my face. My brain was running formulas. Is this an inkling of what the ‘Beautiful Mind’ guy goes through? I even caught myself talking out loud, to myself!

At what point does a brain just shut down? Seriously, my brain is running sluggish now because the processor is overheating.

I had a very lovely Valentine’s Day. My mini chocolate ice cream cakes are a hit. Lrudlrick had one for dinner. So it’s not what I’d consider the best dinner out there but he didn’t complain. Another sign, I’d be a bad mom. What? You want cake for dinner? Sure, have the whole thing. While you’re at it, finish the carvel crunchies and the Haagen-Dazs ice cream in the freezer. There isn’t much left anyhow.

I have two mini-cakes left in the freezer. They haven’t been frosted yet but I can do that tonight. Hubby seems to like his toys. I got him a fog gun and pose able magnetic robot and a Maglite. It’s become this running thing that I get him a flashlight. He has about a dozen but we only know where two of them are. He bought the pose-able robot to work and everyone is asking him where to get it. When it comes to gift giving, I try to get him a ‘cubicle’ toy in addition to a home gift. Lrudlrick probably has more toys at work then most men but then again, I’m probably wrong.

His last gift, a fridge, was a dud. He had this mini fridge before but it died, so I gave him this gi-normous one that can hold a couple of 20 oz sodas. Unfortunately, his office manager busted him and now he’s not allowed to use it. I told him to bring it home so he can have a fridge by his man chair. He’s leaning towards the bedroom. The bedroom thing brings flashbacks of college life. I’m not sure I’m keen on the idea.

We finished the night by watching a half hour of ‘24’ and then promptly passing out. Ok, I promptly passed out. Lrudlrick doesn’t drink and I felt obligated to finish the entire bottle of champagne. I woke up at 4am. I cannot describe to you the thirst I had. If the dog's trough was the only liquid available, I'd be down on my hands and knees sucking it up. I drank two tall glasses of apple cider and I don’t prefer apple cider! I finished ‘24’ last night and now am only one hour behind.

Oh, Lrudlrick’s new phone has that V-Cast network. Apparently, ‘24’ has mobisodes called ’24 conspiracy’. They are quite short and really don’t quench or whet one’s appetite but we have fun squishing our heads together to watch it on the tiny telephone screen. Since downloading these clips are free after 9pm, we patiently wait until 9 to load the latest clips. Sure, we’ve sent the clip before but it just seems more entertaining when you’re watching it on a 2 x 2 inch screen.