Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Your stepdad is in the hospital. Can you tape a movie for me?

As usual, my boss has revision 842 on a report she needs for a meeting tomorrow. I'm frantically working on the changes when my cell goes off. It's my MIL. I can't answer it and figure I'll call her later.

3 missed calls later and a vibrating phone that starts to pull heads into my office to assure I'm not pleasuring myself, I call Lrudlrick on my speakerphone. Of course, he's not answering. I get a hold of him on the cell and tell him to call his mom to see what the hullabaloo is.

Ten minutes later I get he following IM:

Lrudlrick: So he fell off a ladder trying to wipe off the sat dish. Went to the hospital. This was today, he is ok.

pantrygirl: OMG! Was your mom home?

Lrud: She was holding the ladder. Nasty bump on head.

pg: probably a concussion. no broken bones is good.

Lrud: She wanted to know if we can tape a show for him tonight.

pg: that's why they called? That warrants three frantic calls?

Lrud: You know how he is with movies and I guess the sat is not working right now. Here are the details.....

Ok, remember what I said about harriedness? This is the stuff I'm talking about. Here I am busting my way through a cookie load that would make Saint Nick happy and I'm supposed to remember to tape a movie for my step-dad.

Now I have nothing against my stepdad. I love the guy. I'd gladly tape it but as usual, during the holiday season and especially this year for some reason, I feel like I'm doing everything. Just once, I'd like to come home and find that I don't have to multi-task to get some quiet time for me.

Tonight's agenda includes:

Packaging and shipping gifts

Wrapping presents for office party tomorrow

Baking cookies

Making dinner

Taping a movie

Preparing dough for tomorrow's bake fest

Packaging cookies for hand delivery tomorrow

Did I mention my Larry, Curly and Moe died? I don't even have time to fish their guts out and buy replacements. :-(