Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Who buys Dunkin Donuts gift certificates anyway?

Every year, the hardest presents to get are always the last on the list.
Of course this does nothing but cause me more agita. I've tried everything to
soothe my anxiety. Twice I've passed these hard presents to my husband. Twice
we found ourselves (and yes, we) frantically searching for these presents.

This year, I've thrown it back to me but at this rate, I'm still going to be
frantically searching Dec 23rd for these bloody presents. I did get my MILs present
yesterday. I'm actually quite proud of myself. {pat pat} In my crazy searches
to find the perfect present for them, I happened to find out that an oldies concert
is scheduled for next weekend. It's a bit over budget but I figured I can't find
a more perfect present for them. So when they arrive, we're going to give them
there presents early.

So far I'm not hitting my $200 savings mark like I did last year. I was so proud
I was $200 under budget last year, I was giddy for weeks. I'm trying to make it
within budget this year, but it gets more and more difficult as the days countdown.
Last year with our impending move, I was very strict with myself. Unfortunately,
convenience is winning me over this year. In all fairness, I also have a new set of
building/services and work staff gratuities to allot for. We will soon see how I
fair this year.

Presents left countdown: