Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Oh Christmas Tree. Oh Christmas Tree.

Surprisingly, I'm rather calm for a the holiday season.
Ok, my a pint of haagen daz and two beers a day are masking the anxiety.

I have my ideas for presents for all but one remaining present.
Now, I just need the money to buy them.
MIL is more flitty than my anal retentive self can handle but I believe I've
done all that I can do.
Hair, Spa and Doctor (last minute add on) have been booked.

Now, we need to either park our car in the airport for them to pick up or have
them take a taxi.
Personally, I leaning towards taxi. I'm just not seeing a rush the night before
they come to drop a car off at JFK as going well.
Honestly, if I didn't have a doctor appointment I cannot miss, I'd pick them up
but it was the only time available and if I cancel, I need to wait until after Christmas.

I've been anxiously and patiently waiting for the Christmas tree which my hubby
promised we'd get on Sunday. Of course, Sunday passed and he said Monday.
Well today is Tuesday and since he has class tonight, I'm going to go another night
without setting the tree.

I've decided that regardless, I am picking up a tree on Wednesday even if it
means I hire a homeless guy to drag it home for me.
Otherwise, I'm trimming the tree with my MIL in the house.
Not to mention the fact that I'm going to have to trim the tree after I get my nails done.
Time to whip out those heavy duty blue gloves!
Any woman will tell you that you never trim the tree after you do your nails.
You trim the tree prior to.
Doing your nails and then trimming the tree is just wasting good money.
Why can't Lrudlrick understand this? :-P

Wednesday will be crazy. Tree and laundry are on the agenda.
(Laundry is the next thing I really don't want to do with my MIL.
No need for her to see my skivvies.)

I just realized something.
What the hell am I going to do at the salon and spa while she's getting her hair and face done? I'd spa too but I'm not in the mood. It's not like I have the car. I guess I'll bring a book and window shop. Hey, maybe I'll get lucky and find the elusive last present we need!