Thursday, December 02, 2004

If you get the bloody or burnt Christmas card, sorry.

I finished all my cards. Well, I have two left to make.
Two paper cuts, two burns to my index finger and knuckle and three diet cokes later (drank the last beers during the initial template structure), I completed this year's cards.

Now all I need are the stamps, some burn ointment and a couple of bandaids.

BTW, my original design name was Blood, Sweat and Tears Designs but was later scraped when I realized the initials (BST Designs) looked like Bullshit Designs.

I'm going to relax tonight. Partly because I'm exhausted from handmaking 50 cards and my next big agenda is cookie making. Partly because the rest of my Christmas chaos will need to wait until I get a strong hold on what my plans are for my MIL's visit.

I plan to pick up the fish on Thursday. I was going to serve it with Rice and Beans but my husband made a face. Step-FIL likes RnB. I see nothing wrong with that combo. In fact, rice and fish are always delish to me. I told him, I'd make mashed potatoes on the side for him. Should I make string beans? Eh.

Last night I made meatballs again. I have this thing about meatballs. I guess because it's easy to make and it's pretty much mindless drone work. I can sit there rolling out balls while I make a list in my head. Unfortunately, I droned out to much and added too much meal and I made leadballs. I even had a hard time choking them things down. I felt like the ball was soaking the little moisture I had in my mouth. Lrudlrick was kind and didn't say a thing. At least the pasta and sauce was good.

In a feat which could only be one of the best gifts he could give me, hubby did the laundry last night. All of it. Every comforter, sheet, towel, my laundry, his laundry. Of course, nearly 4 hours later, he looked completely wiped out. He even folded! I guess after 8 years, he realizes when mid-November rolls around, I'm in super OCD/AR Holiday mode. Compound my masochist tendencies during the holiday season with my MIL visiting and you've got Neurotic Pantrygirl. Sure, I'm OCD with AR tendencies but it becomes quite selective in December. Hence the house and and housework is serious lacking due to the fact that I must spend 4 hours over a griddle making Christmas cards. God I need a man with a good couch and extensive knowledge of Jung ("there'll be no blaming Mother today!").

Christmas presents to go:


Christmas Dinner Menu (tentative)

Standing Rib Roast

Yorkshire Pudding

Garlicky Mashed Potatoes

???Greens??? (Hubby's choice is Creamed corn)

Warm Sinfully Chocolate Pudding with berry goodness