Tuesday, December 07, 2004

High Maintenance costs do not equal better service

This Christmas, the service crew in our building probably will think me a Grinch
however, in my opinion, if you've done nothing but cause me and my husband to
ake days off of work for no work or shotty workmanship, you don't deserve a huge Christmas tip.

Every Christmas I start with a moderately high amount and count my way down.
At the rate our super and handyman are going, they owe me money. Now, I'm not
a hard ass. I'm far from a hard ass. In fact, I let my hubby be the bad guy
and I'm the gal with the cold beverage to offer but as of late, I've been doing
the work that the super and handyman should be doing.

You put a ticket in and wait. And wait. And wait. Four weeks later, you give
up and call to complain or get someone else to do it.

I find it funny that the two service teams I deem should get more tip are the
porters and security. As it stands, UPS man, Postman and the porters and
security will be getting a happy present this year. Something as simple as
holding the door for me or just plain saying, "Good morning" to me means more to
me than answering my ticket requests in a timely manner.

Funny thing is this is the nicest building we've lived in. In our last building, the maintenance fee was nearly twice as low as our current fees yet the super came the same day to inspect and assign work to his staff. Sure he was drunk most nights but you could guarantee from October through January, he was the nicest guy in town. He knew Christmas tips were up for grabs.

In this building, it's two weeks before Christmas and still no effort to be available to the residents. I've never seen them in the office. I've never had them answer their phones (office and cells). In fact, if you walked into my building right now, I guarantee the only people you'll see are the porters, the security, the UPS guy, the mailman, the board president.

What's even more funny is the duties for the day chalkboard. It is supposed to list the apts or areas in the building you will find the super and handyman throughout the day. It is 8 times out of 10 blank.

UPDATE: Lrudlrick called the super to see if he fixed the mailbox and after the run around he said yes. Then he asked about the status of our intercom directory and mailbox nameplate. After some huffing and puffing and redirecting responsibility to the handyman, he hung up on my husband. Can't you picture Lrudlrick's face all red!