Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas just ain't Christmas without the burn marks and swollen livers

"So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it."
I don't have much time to share but boy howdy do I have a ton to tell.
I'll just drop you a list and if you want more details drop me a comment/email/im/etc.

In the mind of pantrygirl:

  • In-laws and parents.Why do they want you to have kids so much when they themselves have reverted to childlike tendencies?

  • Its frickin' freezing.Let the nipple chafing begin.

  • There is an unwritten law that uninvited guests visit when you are at the most harried.I'm not a pooper. I love guests. I get to feed them but why must everyone come-a-calling when three trays of cookies are baking, my dough is melting and my mashed hard candies are burning?

  • My damn tree is not drinking any of its fireproof elixir. This year in my paranoia, I decided to try the fireproof method for ensuring a safe Christmas. Lrudlrick picked up a short tree this year so I was able to hoist the damn thing myself into my gallon bucket to soak the darn thing.This tree drinks less water than when I use the regular concoction of water and more water. So now, I'm even more paranoid that I've killed the tree and I'm just making myself some nice pile of tinder in my foyer.

  • This Christmas is crazier than last. Lrudlrick thinks otherwise. I might remind him that I do a great deal of the holiday to dos. I remind myself at this point that Mothra has added to my list ten fold and that if Lrudlrick captained this crazy Christmas ship, we'd be 3 pecks short of a bushel.

  • Stupid pg fact #1:I can't decorate a tree without singing "Oh Christmas Tree" at least once. I'll sing it when I'm by myself. I'll sing it if someone is helping me or just sitting there oblivious to me decorating said tree.

    Stupid pg fact #1 part b: When Lrudlrick hears me sing "Oh Christmas Tree” he chimes "You are so soft and cuddly." This makes pg smile no matter what's going on.

  • I’m officially a Keebler elf. 24 dozen cookies down and gazillion more to go.

  • On a side note: If this turns out well, I may consider selling my cookies in the building next year. {Yes, I have issues.}

    Stupid pg fact #2: If you consume 5 bottles a beer while making said cookies, the tears don’t shed as much.Just kidding. Sorry if you get the salty cookie.

  • I seriously love Christmas.With all the craziness going on, most of which is self inflicted, I’m quite happy and am glad.

  • Now I have to get back to what I’m getting paid to do.
    Hears to picking up another six pack tonight!