Friday, November 05, 2004

God I love those little Green and Orange pills. Nyquil rocks.

Today I'm a grumpus.

I can't help it. Ok I can but choose not to. I'm sicker today and I really think it's because I inversed the old "Starve a cold, Feed a fever." old wives tale.

The last two days, although I was sick, I ate very little and felt great.
Now, after eating like a pig, all I want to do is crawl into my bed and sleep.

I guess it's back to liquids.

I can't concentrate and to make it worse, my new office is in chaos due to a move. They are pulling all the equipment out of the equipment room and moving in a finance guy. So now I've got a coat rack and a printer outside of my office. The noise is annoying and I just want to close my office door but I'm trying not to be rude.

Since the equipment hasn't be networked, I'm in limbo as far as printing out a colored copy of a report I need for my 2pm meeting. I'm not playing Pixelus until lunch and then plan to pass out at some point before my 2pm meeting. I seriously need more meds but am too lazy and too cold to walk to the drugstore. Funny isn't it. I work in a Medical School and I can't get meds.

Not even wearing my new pumps has made me feel better. Ok, maybe a little.


Now everyone is talking about Rob Cordry's remarks on how NY'ers must be too close to the terrorism and homosexuals to make an informed decision. The red states need to wrangle us back in to realize the situation of the state of the union.
God, that was hysterical. All in all, most Ny'ers are past the shock and I'm sure acceptance will hit soon. Me, disbelief is still there but resignation has surfaced. Maybe that's why I feel so ill.


I'm looking forward to some entertainment and if I have to down a bottle of Dayquil to see The Incredibles tonight, by golly, I'm doing it. I know I'm a kid at heart. I've been looking forward to this for a while. I don't care if it sucks, which I hope it doesn't.


Arafat. I said it first. Arafat is being kept alive to allow the shift of power to be arranged and to arrange his burial. Anyone see Dave?


Unbelievably, the holiday season is around the corner. I started pulling out my Christmas list. I am so not ready for the Holidays. I know it's early but usually my OCD has me revving to go. Could it be my OCD is waning? Or will I get hit with a one two? Since I did Thanksgiving last year, I'm doing Christmas dinner this year. I'm thinking of a roast. My mother, who somehow came across two turkeys, is thinking turkey. I may go nuts and do both. Heck, my gas is back on.
Speaking of which, Lrudlrick made an awesome filet mignon last night. Very tasty.
But alas, as I said before, with this cold, I'm going to have to stick to clear liquids even if it kills me. :-(