Thursday, November 04, 2004

Back, Left, A, Right Trigger, Y

The day after and I'm less sullen.

I've resigned myself to what Lrudlrick has said, "Well, at least, it's only four more years."

On a happy note, our gas was turned on Monday. Lrudlrick bought 3 lbs of filet mignon at Western Beef and we had a feast.

Luckily I brought in the leftover cookies to work yesterday. After yesterday's news all the leftover Halloween candy and the chocolate chip cookies were eaten before Kerry could make his concession speech.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent battling a cold that has taken over my nasal passages. One nostril runs while the other is blocked to maximum capacity. Why does your nose do that? After 8 years together with Lrudlrick, I have no shame. I spent last night watching Jon Stewart with a wad of tissue up one nostril while trying to breathe from the stuffed one.

Comfort is a funny thing. Now, I'm not saying I'm all for peeing in front of your spouse. In fact, for me, bathroom time, is me time. It's bad enough that the dogs walk in and sit and stare at me when I'm on the jon. I really don't need you standing on the other side of the door, asking how I'm doing. And not to be rude but, can't the "where is" question wait until I've done my business? But there are certain things that you'd probably be mortified doing in front of anyone but the marriage vows make it seem ok to do in front of your spouse.

Ok, being sick, your mindset isn't about being attractive. You're more into comfort so illness is not a good example. I guess I hit the nail. You hold back from certain actions/nuances because of attraction. But with marriage comes this clause, "I love you and find you attractive no matter what. Ok, mostly no matter what. There are exceptions, of course."

Lrudlrick's Obsession of the moment:

A new mixing panel he can connect to pc. He's doing something with the 'Blinded me with Science' song but he has yet to share.

Pantrygirl's Bitch session

What's up with the character profiles in Def Jam's Fight for NY?

Sure, I can fight Carmen Electra but I can't make my own profile?

I've been relegated to creating a guy. I added a foot in height and 100 lbs and tried my darndest to pick features that I think I'd have as a guy. I still turned out looking like Lrudlrick's character. [No, married people should not look that alike.]

I give you props for the cool shopping. I'd like to just shop but I have to fight to get moola to shop. :-(

Come on Def Jam, make some girl profiles will ya? Oh, and while we're on this topic, who else thinks it would kick ass to have customizable profiles for Dead or Alive? I'd make my profile have huge bouncy boobs just because.

Finally, has anyone beaten this game with marital arts? I'm wearing my fingers into stubs in martial arts mode. Muthafunga said I should try street fighter. I might just have to do that.