Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Today I'll be the crazy lady on the commuter train home.

It's bad enough I'm dealing with stalkers outside my building but this whole training users how to install a frickin' simple software is ridiculous.

We have a full staff of trainers. They get paid to train.

I'm a technical analyst. I get paid to coordinate, implement and manage the technical enhancements.

How cost efficient is it for the university to have a technical person (1 in 3 for the division, mind you) be pulled out to show a user how to point and

Fine. I voice my objections and am told suck it up. So here I am with a list of scheduled classes that the training department has scheduled for me. (Like I
had a say in the days. Forget I have a million other projects and meetings that need to be rescheduled because you didn't consult me.)

What? You didn't confirm the lecture room? Well, how about verifying internet connectivity and projection display? No? Excellent. Thanks for your help.

Then my director gives away our demo laptop and I'm resorted to using another dept's laptop.

Then they cancel training dates without informing me so I can insure the lecture room AV/IT tech guys are notified.

Then the IT guy never shows up this morning and I'm left demoing by using screenshots that I thankfully printed out.

Then, I'm told, "Oh, we changed the class on Friday to next Friday." "Oh, Did you tell me? What about booking the hall? How about IT/AV? Am I teaching this
class too?" Excellent. Thanks.

And now the training department is snickering at me and avoiding me. I'm sorry. You have 6 able body members in your team. Our tech team has 3. 3! We are
one man down and 3 brains short for the amount of projects we have.

And why doesn't anyone, and I mean anyone, read the damn memos and broadcast messages? For three months we've discussed this upgrade. For weeks, we've
mentioned requirements. Why on the eve before upgrade, do you call and ask us the questions we answered in meetings, calls, emails and broadcast messages? And
for heaven's sake, if you're in the department that is implementing the upgrade for the university, reading these memos and interoffice memos re: upgrade is

"Doesn't anybody notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"

How do I know you didn't read it? Because yesterday, you told the director of our department that you'd have your training team broadcast a message re:
upgrade. Meanwhile for the last three weeks, a daily message has been broadcast to users and a certified email was sent to the administrators and IT
technicians. And worst of all, our director said, "Good idea! Thanks!" Which means, she didn't read it!

If you take credit for this lady, I will lay down some street justice like your suburbian butt has never seen.