Monday, June 28, 2004

It's time I forget how sweat clothes don't flatter me

My hubby went grocery shopping with me this weekend.

He couldn't understand how I can spend $100/week on groceries/household items/drugstore supplies.

He spent about as much on fruits. He apparently read in Men's Health that fruit is good for you. So he bought 3 of each apple possible, pears,
grapefruits, raspberries, bananas as well as an assortment of nuts.

I asked him how in the world he expected to eat all these fruits before they went bad. He just looked at me like spoiled fruit was unheard of.

I'm gathering apple muffins will be the breakfast of choice for the next week.

So I'm interested in signing up for a self defense course but can't find one that is speculative or just plain too expensive.

I've seen classes in the range of $20 to $500. And honestly, I think $20 ain't buying me a lot of reassurance on the trainer's self defense techniques.
And for $500 I want to be able to do wire work without the wire.

So I'm contemplating some type of martial arts. But when I say contemplating, I'm really saying I'm liking the idea but me barefoot and screaming is a bit
unrealistic. Not to say it's not possible. But citygirl is a girly girl. I hate to admit it. And I spent many a years in high school denying it but I'm a
frilly, pink, lace loving girl.

But I do realize the need for self awareness and awareness of one's surroundings. For gosh sake, I had to call campus security and file a suspicious
person complaint this afternoon. I was walking back from a leisurely lunch with co-workers when a man followed us to our building. Now, my boss has asked me to
leave early and my hubby wants me to walk around with my letter opener.

I guess it's long overdue for me to really look into some sort of defense class. Now, I must wipe the girly girl, icky gym sock smelling images out and
focus on protecting myself. There needs to be a class focusing on the girly girl. Then it could be a defense and beauty/fashion tip class rolled into one.

I know. Stop being embarrassed and do it.

I promise that before the week's through I will research and return with my plan of action to take a personal defense class.