Monday, June 07, 2004

In the age where everyone can contact you, sometimes you need to hide away.

It has been a while since I wrote.

I placed a self imposed sabbatical last week. No PCs. No hours vegged out on the couch. I even left my cell phone at home, occasionally. I spent the week
focusing on my home life and my personal life. [Ok. My mother in law was supposed to come but she cancelled. Instead of going into to work, I decided I
should take the time I was scheduled off and decompress.] I took the week off and started making my husband lunches to bring to work. We tried it before but
he kept forgetting them. Since we restarted this, he has forgotten lunch once (and I honestly think it's because I packed him fish).

I learned that by focusing on my home life and what I call the "wifey duties circa 1950's", I had less of a desire to cook. Seriously. By the third day of
cooking lunches, I was so uninspired, I started making sandwiches. I spent less time in the kitchen last week than most weeks when I'm working a full time job.

And all those things I wanted to do at home, put up the pictures, clean out my boxes of trinkets I had yet to unpack, etc, were all placed in the back

Not to say I didn't do anything. For the first time in a long time, I did things for myself and at my own pace.

I walked in the park. I took the dogs for a leisurely stroll. I went to the bookstore and lounged with a book and a latte. I went to the movies and saw a
movie I wanted to see. Even my husband started taking me out on mini-dates again. [With our schedules, mini-dates have become non-existent. By the time
we're both free, we're too pooped and too pre-occupied with getting some household chore done.] We went for a walk down on Broadway and went to the
movies. We went window shopping. We went out to dinner.

We even socialized. We went to dinner in the West Village with his cousin and cousin-in-law. And we went to an amazing ball game with my brother. [Go

I haven't felt the both of us so relaxed in a long time. Honestly, we've been so pre-occupied with the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home that
I can't recall the last time we were this relaxed.

I really thought this week would be about the "50's wifey" thing and it turned out to be so much better. I will tell you, giving up the pc was hard. My
husband says the pc is like my husband and my husband is like my side dish. If I'm not working on it, I'm researching something, playing something or listening
to something. But by day four, I think my shakes were gone.

Oh! My cousin had a baby girl! 2 weeks early. My other cousin is 6 days late. Looks like June is going to be a big month for my family.