Thursday, May 13, 2004

Why aside from being a kobe cow, I'd like to come back as a dog. Well a dog with an ac.

I left my poor pooches in the most humid state imaginable. I feel terrible. I left all the windows wide open, even though a threat of thundershowers was forecast. I even boosted the fan to medium. My pooches have been spoiled. In our previous apartments, electricity was included in our maintenance. We left the apartment at a cool 65 degrees all day. The server was happy. The fish were happy. The dogs were in the lap of luxury.

Now I imagine my two dogs sitting in our bathtub to keep cool. I called my hubby and told him we definitely need to put up our ac tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully with our climate control setting we can keep it cool while our electricity bill stays relatively low (or as low as a NYC bill can be). The problem, is our ac is gi-normous. It took 3 movers to take it out of our last apartment. We need to call in recruits to set this thing up. It has a kick stand thingie! I swear! It has this shell thing that you have to install in the window before putting the bloody unit up. The shell thing has two brackets that push against the outer wall to stabilize.

My hubby, like all men, believe this can be handled by one man. One man if you count Frankenstein's monster as one man. All I need is 34 year old man pulling his back or worse getting a hernia from this monstrosity.

I've asked him to ask his cousins to come early on Saturday to help install this thing so his stepmom doesn't cry high pollen count as an excuse for not coming to dinner. [Yes, dinner is still on and I'm still of the mindset to serve salmon.]

Here's the funny thing, I really think my dogs know that the ac provides a cool environment. Seriously. The night my hubby put up the ac in the bedroom, their tails were wagging double time watching him install it in the window. And at times, I catch them staring at the ac as if staring would lead it to turn on.

BTW, I bought the pooches dog ice cream. Yes, they make dog ice cream. You can get it at Stop N Shop. Hubby thinks I'm insane. "Why don't you just buy them
the bacon flavored water while your at it?"

"Because that sounds disgusting."

"And peanut butter ice cream doesn't"

"Not really."

"Well make sure you keep that away from the human food."

"You put bloodworms and brine shrimp in my fridge. And you're asking me to keep peanut butter ice cream away from your food?"

The dogs love this stuff. It's like crack for dogs. Every time we come home from the dog run, they run to the kitchen and wait for their treat. It comes in single serving cups, much like human ice cream. P-man wants me to hold his cup at a diagonal. Z-girl likes to hold the cup between her front paws and maneuver it. It's actually quite cute. I liken it to when little kids think they are big enough to hold their own fork or spoon. Z is so diligient. She concentrates hard and maneuvers the little cup so she can lick the ice cream.