Wednesday, May 26, 2004

My little thank you to my hubby.

I've tried to stop in a jot a little something daily but unfortunately the last two days have been quite hectic in the workfront.

First, my colleague is on vaca and my other colleague was pulled into an emergency conference on Monday leaving me to man the fort.

Then, I realized that my plans to have the software upgrade website up by the first week of June had to be pushed back to the second week on account of my brain not realizing this is the last week of May.

But anyhow, I just got in from another long day. Today started at an ungodly hour for me, 6am. I had a meeting all the way downtown and on the eastside no less. If you are not from NYC, you don't understand the pain this is. Getting crosstown in NYC via mass transit and car tacks on a good 20-30 mins to your commute during rush hour. Tack on that I had to get to First Ave which is one of the last blocks on this island called Manhattan and you can understand my unhappiness for this meeting. I bought a tall coffee and prepared for a boring, gouge your left eye out session. Unbeknownst to me, it turned out to be an energizing 4 hour training session that only an anally retentive person like me would enjoy.

I left energized and got to my office at 1:45 to find out that I was inadvertantly pulled into a 2pm meeting. I scarfed down what I could of my lunch, glanced my emails for an emergencies and ran to this meeting. Now to be pulled impromptu into a meeting is one thing. To sit there and listen to someone who has done little to no work on this project tell me that he plans to be on the beach the weekend we are scheduled to come in to test the upgrade was unnecessary. I left with a joke that their will be no hand holding here and that the daycare was one flight up. He chuckled but I secretly seethed.

I return to my desk to find my email has decided to blow up. When I say blow up, I mean explode like one of those dummy email accounts we all have to ward off junk email, blow up. I couldn't respond to an email fast enough. As soon as I cleared a set of email, another set arrived. The last straw was an email requesting that a data file.

ok. I have to stop here to tell you guys that my husband just came into the bedroom to tell me he had been eating raspberries straight from the carton and
just noticed there was mold on them. He had eaten at least 75% of them. I asked him why he didn't clean them. If he cleaned them, he would have seen that they weren't good. He said he thought I'd clean them. I told him, that if they were clean, they'd be in a nice tupperware container not some dirty supermarket package. He just left to look up side effects to mold consumption.

Going back to my email, I receive a request to process a data file by this evening. This file contains 13,000 data elements. The script to process on average completes 900/hour. I had received clearance to process this file at 3pm. I inadvertantly starting howling like a basset hound. My colleague, looked at me and asked if I was ok. [Making noises in my office is quite common. It a huge stress reliever. My boss recently screamed bloody hell out the window of a car driving through central park. My co-worker has the tendency to sing odd 80's tunes out of the blue. It's a strange environment, I know, but not any stranger than any other systems departments I know.]

So now I'm finally home and after a stressful day filled with highs and lows, my hubby gives me the best thing of all, a smile. I received a geniune smile. Why? Because he tried to make the bed. I know that sounds odd. See, I left early, so he took care of the dogs and house this morning. I wasn't expecting him to make the bed. I figured it was just one of those things that didn't matter. But when I got to my bedroom, I noticed that my hubby, pulled the covers up over the pillows. Ok, this isn't making the bed. And yes, the pillows are all eschew and the flat sheet is all rolled up in the middle. But my hubby, in his hustle in the morning made the attempt to somehow make a presentable bed. I smiled and laughed for 2 mins.

So Hubby, Thank You. Thank you for making my day with your thoughtful gesture. I'm sure you didn't think anything of it when you did it. But it really made my day.

Now, I'm off to make an extremely late supper.