Wednesday, April 28, 2004

When finicky eaters converge for dinner, make sure you have a lot of liquor for the hostess.

So my father-in-law called me last night. He called on his handsfree car phone to tell me he's allergic to soy. At least it sounded like soy. Could have been poi or koi. He was a bit muffled and quite low. BTW, if it's soy, does soy sauce count?

Anyway, if that's a weird call, you should hear some of the calls from my mother-in-law. But I'm digressing.

My husband also said his sister is allowed dairy on special occasions only. Dairy for special occasions? First, what's a special occasion? It's your birthday! Have a glass of milk. Secondly, dairy for special occasions? I am so tempted to introduce this 8 year girl to strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Hubby wants to introduce her to a hamburger or ham for that matter.

The girl has never tasted ham. I came from a family where we ate and tried everything. Hot, Spicy, Cooked, Raw. We tried it. If we turned our nose on food that was served to us without even trying, we were scolded. I've eaten snake, eel, pigeon, kangaroo. About the only thing I won't eat is cat, dog and bug (ie. worms: which were offered to me once.). So the thought that a child has not tasted basic staples in American cuisine, blows me away.

On a side note: In a "isn't this life kicking me in the ass" move, I fell in love and married the pickiest eater known to mankind.

"Cucumbers are pickles waiting to happen."
"Broccoli tops are good." [Broccoli spears, not so much.]
pantrygirl:"Pick a veggie."
Mrpantrygirl:"corn." [I swear, corn, is the answer to any question referencing 'veggie'.]
"Mushrooms are a fungus. A FUNGUS!" [I know. Fungi.]
"Ill. Slimy peppers." (Flicks the peppers onto my plate.)
[BTW, I've been known to puree the veggies in order to mask them in my meatloaf.]

Not to say he has not tried for me. I credit him for taking me to ceviche and eating everything served to him during our wedding week. [We got married in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. So yes, I'm counting the amounts of liquor consumed as a source of nutrients.]

I will tell you I am worried about the prospect of having kids with him and dealing with another set of finicky eaters. But fate may be kind and deal me a nice hand. :-) I can only hope.

Second draft for Dinner:
Crudite (organic) w/Garlic Dip [Aunt Maria's garlic]

Fresh Rolls [Pops' crusty bread]
Penne tossed with garlic and broccolini [Baby Sis' carbs]

Main Dish
Salmon, Flounder, Scallops Broiled with Compound Dill/Parsley Butter

Mini Strawberry Shortcakes with Sabayon Espresso