Monday, April 26, 2004

On the subject of me...

Welcome to my world.

A world constantly filled with the need to organize, prioritize and analyze.
I guess.

I wouldn't be truly defined as a person with OCD. Maybe, mild OCD. However, my constant need to reach a state of enlightenment, which somehow always
contains a trip to The Container Store, has lead me to be described as Anal Retentive, A-Type Personality, Crazy and in some circles 'The Girl with Issues'.

Some say it's the Libra in me. I say it's from years watching my mother search frantically for a pair of glasses which were set upon her head.

Feel free to laugh, cry, get bored, or just plain sympathize with my plight. Just be glad you don't live with me. I'd probably drive you insane with my
labels and shelf paper.