Thursday, April 29, 2004

Lunch Specials include soup and an egg roll

Today is a bit hectic.

My colleague called in sick.

And since my other colleague quit a two weeks ago and another is out on vaca, I'm the only person in my division right now.

It's the end of the month and everyone is going nuts entering data in before tomorrow's close. Our night processes halted and no one was paged. And a department decides to send over 6 data files for processing before month end.
But I'm calm. I'm in control.Then I'm asked to order lunch. Do I have a stamp on my head that says "office asst?"

Now, since I haven't ordered lunch in over a week and a half, I guess the guilty part of me takes over and I agree to take the orders but will not be collecting the moola. Last time, I was bilked out of $20.00 and I still don't know who the culprit was.

Today's lunch menu: Chinese. Now, our local takeout isn't like standard takeouts. The prices change exponentially depending on your order. Chicken with Broccoli and white sauce is $4.95 but the same with brown sauce is $8.95. Sure enough, the one day I order, everyone and their mother decides chinese is a good idea.
I call in the order.

Chinese Takeout: "First order."

pantrygirl: "Chicken with String Beans. White Rice. Wonton Soup. Seltzer."

Chinese Takeout: "Garlic Chicken with String Beans?"

pantrygirl: "No Chicken with String Beans."

Chinese Takeout: "$10.95."

pantrygirl: "What?"

Chinese Takeout: "Not special. $10.95."

pantrygirl: "I'll call you back."
After much deliberating, I call back.

Chinese Takeout: "Hello."

pantrygirl: "It's me, again."

Chinese Takeout: "Ok. Order 1."

pantrygirl: "Chicken with Garlic. White Rice. Wonton Soup. Seltzer."

Chinese Takeout: "Ok."

pantrygirl: "Second Order. Chicken with Broccoli. White Sauce. White Rice. Egg Roll."

Chinese Takeout: "White Sauce?"

pantrygirl: "Yes."

Chinese Takeout: "Not Brown? Brown Sauce $8.95."

pantrygirl: "No. White Sauce. White Rice."

Chinese Takeout: "Soup?"

pantrygirl: "No Soup."

Chinese Takeout: "Soup come with special."

pantrygirl: "She wants two egg rolls." (Bad move on my part. I know.)

Chinese Takeout: "One Egg Roll come with special. Soup?"

pantrygirl: "No soup." (Resign myself to give my co-worker my egg roll which I didn't want anyway and move on.) "Order #3. Oh Man. I'll call you back."
The next order on the list is another Chicken with String Beans. Yes, the $10.95 deal. So I wait for another deliberation from my co-worker and call back.

Chinese Takeout: "Hello."

pantrygirl: "Yes. It's me again."

To sum up, the rest of the conversation was me fighting about brown rice vs. white rice and describing boneless ribs.

Meanwhile, back at what I get paid to do, my phone does not stop ringing and my im's are blowing up. I've got a department sending me 3 files in diskettes because
they can't figure out how to send a file as an attachment. When I open the diskettes, one is blank and the 3 files expected are actually 6. And I still
need to figure out why the nightly processes halted.

Guess my shrimp and broccoli are going to be my dinner tonight.................................


Weekly Dinner menu has remained the same.

Mainly because I've decided not to sweat over it. I'll make my grocery list tonight and finalize the menu.

I'm wondering if I should get the dogs washed to avoid any issues with baby sis' allergies and what not. Personally, I'm allergic to dogs and cats but I
surround myself with them. Took me years but now I'm itchy free and my eyes don't swell anymore.

I think all this protecting the child and use of anti-bacterial products is causing weak immune systems in children. Heck, when I was a kid, I was rolling
around in dirt and playing on pesticide sprayed grass. I'd get a cut and iodine was used and I was sent back out to play on the concrete floored playground.