Thursday, March 25, 2004

You heard it hear:

pg: on the subject of unexpected visitors

men think women's vanity is the leading cause of our dislike of unexpected
visitors. ok, maybe 2 out of 7 times, that's the case but women dislike
unexpected visitors for one reason, disruption of plan of attack, or dopoa.

when women come home, they have a running list of things they need to accomplish
before bedtime.

what's for dinner? what time does hubby: get home? if i start now, the chicken
will be overdone. ok, start in an hour. in the meantime, let me do a load of
laundry and clean out the mail.

by the time men come home, women have accomplished 5 tasks, 6 if you count
cleaning the droppings your husband leaves as he circles the house, like a dog
marking his territory.

like a plank of wood thrown at s skater's path, an uninvited guest (defined as a
person that is unbenownst to the wife is scheduled to visit) cause all mechanics
in a woman's mind to screech to a stop.

the only time a man can understand this concept is when he's doing something he
does not care to do, ie. fix a leak, do a load of laundry, etc. his mind has
been set to accomplish this unwanted task and then bam, you ask him to pick up
dry cleaning or something while you're buying groceries.